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Bringing it in-house / lunch specials / sundays in effect

We are excited to announce that over the next few weeks we will be expanding our food menu!

We got approved by the health department to start doing more in-house so we are finalizing recipes and will soon be baking many of our sweets on premise. But we will never be able to part-ways with Tesuque Village Market’s cherry danishes - they are pretty much the 101 mascot - so those will remain a mainstay.

We also added some gluten-free options:

  • apple-cinnamon oatmeal muffins

  • organic yogurt & nutty-seedy (sneedy?) granola with option to add fruit or sub-in alt milk

And coming soon: we will offer a daily lunch special & summer salad! We are working on this & should have a set revolving menu soon.

Sundays are still taking shape. We’ve had a motley crew show up these past few weeks & lend a hand weeding the patio and although it still needs some work, it’s coming together. We got some plants (parsley, tomatoes, peppers, beens, rosemary) in the the ground and the roses are budding. Next up: bocce ball! Once the summer really kicks into gear we hope our neigbors will utilize it as a space to gather & enjoy a refreshing beverage.

Hope to see you soon!