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Popping Up @ Reunity Resources

I’ll admit I fan-girled out a bit the first time I visited Reunity Resources’ Saturday Farmstand.

Not only is it awesome to see an active farm here in Santa Fe producing food right on the banks of the Santa Fe river (formerly Santa Fe Community Farm), but it is especially sweet because of Reunity’s incredible mission to educate and give back. You’ll want to visit their website and see all the amazing things they do, such as food donations to those in need, educational workshops, hosting school visits, as well as their food-waste recycling program that has diverted nearly a million pounds of food waste from the landfill every year. Yowza! Food scraps are then turned into compost which is then used to…you got it: grow more food!


I’ll also admit I was dismayed when the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market chose to relocate their Southside summer market from our parking lot at the Plaza Contenta. Because selfishly I was looking forward to spending Tuesday afternoons shmoozing with farmers and serving cold lemonade and iced teas to our neighborhood shoppers, and maybe getting some tips on why my peppers weren’t setting. 
So I was pleased as punch when Reunity agreed to a 101 Coffee pop-up at their Saturday morning farmstand. We’ll be there every Saturday from 10am - 1pm, serving coffee drinks & lemonade under their shady trees. Come by and support locally-grown agriculture, pick some apricots, get some dirt under your finger nails, drink some coffee and hang out!


Bringing it in-house / lunch specials / sundays in effect

We are excited to announce that over the next few weeks we will be expanding our food menu!

We got approved by the health department to start doing more in-house so we are finalizing recipes and will soon be baking many of our sweets on premise. But we will never be able to part-ways with Tesuque Village Market’s cherry danishes - they are pretty much the 101 mascot - so those will remain a mainstay.

We also added some gluten-free options:

  • apple-cinnamon oatmeal muffins

  • organic yogurt & nutty-seedy (sneedy?) granola with option to add fruit or sub-in alt milk

And coming soon: we will offer a daily lunch special & summer salad! We are working on this & should have a set revolving menu soon.

Sundays are still taking shape. We’ve had a motley crew show up these past few weeks & lend a hand weeding the patio and although it still needs some work, it’s coming together. We got some plants (parsley, tomatoes, peppers, beens, rosemary) in the the ground and the roses are budding. Next up: bocce ball! Once the summer really kicks into gear we hope our neigbors will utilize it as a space to gather & enjoy a refreshing beverage.

Hope to see you soon!

Sunday Meet-Ups starting in May 2019

101 will be open from 10am - 2pm beginning on May 5th for our neighbors to get together & kibitz on shared topics of interest.

We have a few meet-up ideas in mind (paperback swap, plaza contenta community garden club, bocce ball court building, fruit tree grafting, mahjong, sign language club, bicycle tune-ups, jam making…) but would love to host/sponsor others. So please share any suggestions you might have in the comments below, or if you would like to host/lead a sunday meet-up please email us directly. We will announce our scheduled May topics later this week.

For non-joiners: we will be serviing our regular menu plus bagels & cream cheese! So feel free to come by & just spectate if that’s your bag. All are welcome.

Closed for May Day + New Summer Hours

We will be closed Wednesday, May 1st in honor of May Day / International Workers' Day and in gratitude of the 8 hour work day. Useful to reflect on in our current climate where advances in digital communication have allowed for ambiguous boundries that benefit employers far more than workers.

101 stands in solidarity with all workers but in particular those in the service industry which make up 99% of Santa Fe… just kidding, but not really. We see you!


Also: starting May 2nd there will be some slight changes to our hours:

Tuesday - Saturday
8am - 4pm
Sunday Meet-Ups (more details soon!)
10am - 2pm