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Popping Up @ Reunity Resources

I’ll admit I fan-girled out a bit the first time I visited Reunity Resources’ Saturday Farmstand.

Not only is it awesome to see an active farm here in Santa Fe producing food right on the banks of the Santa Fe river (formerly Santa Fe Community Farm), but it is especially sweet because of Reunity’s incredible mission to educate and give back. You’ll want to visit their website and see all the amazing things they do, such as food donations to those in need, educational workshops, hosting school visits, as well as their food-waste recycling program that has diverted nearly a million pounds of food waste from the landfill every year. Yowza! Food scraps are then turned into compost which is then used to…you got it: grow more food!


I’ll also admit I was dismayed when the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market chose to relocate their Southside summer market from our parking lot at the Plaza Contenta. Because selfishly I was looking forward to spending Tuesday afternoons shmoozing with farmers and serving cold lemonade and iced teas to our neighborhood shoppers, and maybe getting some tips on why my peppers weren’t setting. 
So I was pleased as punch when Reunity agreed to a 101 Coffee pop-up at their Saturday morning farmstand. We’ll be there every Saturday from 10am - 1pm, serving coffee drinks & lemonade under their shady trees. Come by and support locally-grown agriculture, pick some apricots, get some dirt under your finger nails, drink some coffee and hang out!