After fleeing the east coast & graduating from The College of Santa Fe, 101 owner Catherine Meng attended culinary school where she made omelets with Julia Child & was yelled at by Jacques Pepin, received an MFA in Creative Writing, worked for 15 years at Oliveto Restaurant in Oakland, CA (under both James Beard Award-winning chef Paul Bertolli and chef Paul Canales) as a food runner, host, manager, and marketing director, published two books of poetry, helped launch a local grain company in northern California, and birthed a feisty redheaded daughter before moving back to Santa Fe & opening 101 Coffee with her partner Elliot Fredericksen on a shoestring loan from her big brother. 

101 Coffee opened its doors in November 2018. 

The vision has always been simple: create a warm and inclusive centrally located café in the rapidly growing Tierra Contenta neighborhood serving quality coffee and food. On a fluke, while attending a kids’ pool party we were fortunate to meet Ohori’s owners Tai & Sam (who just happen to roast the best coffee in Santa Fe) and they agreed to sell beans to us. We have also cobbled together a menu of food we think is delicious: Authenticookie breakfast burritos, chewy bagels from Ruthie’s, and a selection of sweets we bake in-house.

Our influences include now-defunct local favorites such as Carlos’ Gospel Café and The Aztec, but also the 4th Wave philosophy put forth by Red Bay Coffee i.e. ‘ensuring coffee production is not only high quality and sustainable, but a vehicle for diversity, inclusion, social and economic restoration, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability,’ and the writing of Ray Oldenburg on the importance of third places in any thriving community:

“The inside of a third place is without extravagance or grandiosity, and has a homely feel.
Third places are never snobby or pretentious, and are accepting of all types of individuals,
from several different walks of life.”

Our digs may be humble, but our doors are open to everyone. See you on the southside!